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LED Flashlight* User Guide

Thank you for purchasing your new LED Flashlight* Model No. 10211. Whether you're looking to light up your stairwell in pursuit of a midnight snack, about to tiptoe across a sea of toys in your child's bedroom, need to light up a sketchy alleyway while walking to your automobile, picking up after your puppy in the middle of the night, or just like the sound and feel of clicking a flashlight button over and over, I'm sure you will enjoy this trusty flashlight for years to come.

Core Functionality

The 10211 features three different switchable modes displayed toward the bottom of your flashlight. They are, from left to right: Strobe, Normal, and Morse code. Your flashlight will remember which mode you used last in subsequent launches.

Strobe mode:
Turn the strobe light on and off by tapping the main flashlight button. The speed of the strobe can be adjusted by tapping and/or sliding your finger along the strobe frequency dial located at the top of your flashlight.

Normal mode:
Functions exactly as you'd expect a flashlight to function. Simply click the button once to turn on the LED, and again to shut it off. Your flashlight will remember the state of the light in subsequent launches.

Morse mode:
While your finger is held on the flashlight button, the LED will illuminate. To turn off the LED, simply remove your finger. This allows for communicating via the timeless classic that is morse code.

Screen dimming:
Tap the light above the main flashlight button to dim or un-dim the screen. The controls will still be slightly visible while the screen is dim.

Where Are The Batteries?

The battery cover on the 10211 is slightly loose. If you quickly tap the battery cover at the bottom of the flashlight four times in a row, the batteries will drop out! After they fall out, you can give your flashlight a shake or simply tap anywhere on the screen to put them back in.

I Don't Hear Any Sound Effects!

Make sure your phone's silent switch isn't enabled if you'd like to hear the sound effects.

Miscellaneous Notes

It's frustrating to dim your screen in a dark room and have a banner ad blind you. That's why there are no ads whatsoever in LED Flashlight*.

I welcome any and all feedback, suggestions, complaints, and comments or questions. Even if you just want to say "hi." Just click or tap the Contact link to get in touch. Thanks, I hope you enjoy LED Flashlight*!

Unauthorized Use

You should take great measures to prevent LED Flashlight* Model No. 10211 from falling into the wrong hands.


If you are sensitive to flashing lights consult your doctor before using the strobe light feature of this app.

Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

Bonus Tip

You can tap a mode icon directly as opposed to dragging the slider for a quick mode change.

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