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LED Flashlight* is a fun and functional iPhone 4 app that turns your phone into a bright LED flashlight with a realistic, intuitive user interface. (Like a flashlight's!)

Click an image above to learn more.
Beware the addictive clicking quality of the flashlight button!
Easily switch between three modes: strobe, normal flashlight mode, and morse code mode.
Dim your phone's screen by tapping the flashlight's power light.
Four Turnipcell batteries are included at no extra cost! Guaranteed to work as long as your iPhone 4's battery is working. :)

Turn your iPhone 4 into a multi-function, easy to use, realistic looking LED Flashlight* using your phone's built-in flash. Light up your path wherever it may take you. Includes four AA virtual batteries at no additional cost!

NOTE: This app requires an iPhone 4.

Available on the iPhone App Store

Core Features:

  • Standard Flashlight mode
  • Strobe mode with adjustable frequency
  • Morse code mode
  • Screen dimming button
  • Super fast startup with "Instant-on" light
  • Realistic flashlight clicking sound
  • NO advertisements of any kind

Additional Features:

  • Simulated Augmented Reality™ (SAR): top of the flashlight "illuminates" along with your phone's LED
  • Remembers your last used mode and on/off state
  • iOS 4 multitasking compatible
  • Disables auto-lock: Prevent your flashlight from running out on you unexpectedly
  • Light shuts off when switching applications to preserve your battery life
  • Will not stop your iPod music
  • Subtle sound effects that respect the silent/mute switch
  • Polished, realistic graphics that take advantage of the iPhone 4's retina display
  • Four virtual AA batteries behind the battery cap
  • Contains 100% more turnips than other leading flashlights
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